I disappeared again

Not really. It’s just been a really shitty year so far. Let me tell you all the story of how everythings gone down.

So in January, I was fired from my job because on New Year’s Eve I had to work the overnight shift, so I couldn’t go out to celebrate. So I decided to bring a little champagne to work so my coworker and I could celebrate in our own way. Well, apparently someone ratted us out to management. And even with my good service record, they decided to just fire me. Pretty sure they wanted to fire me anyway, but they didn’t have anything to stick to me until then. So yeah, that sucked.

I attempted to fight for unemployment insurance, and it looked like I would get money at first, but my former employer fought it because I guess in the state of Virginia unemployment comes out of the former employers pocket? Sounds dumb because it is and therefore I didn’t get any money and was running low on reserves.

And then shit got really weird. My mother called me in tears at the end of February and informed me that my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer (she was a smoker). She was telling me how my grandma was depressed, drinking a lot, and basically going off the deep end. So she asked me to talk to my Uncle to see if he would pay for a plane ticket to get me home to help get my grandma back to her normal, calm self. He didn’t hesitate for a second, and on 3/1 I was on a plane back to my home.

At first when I got back, it was just helping my grandma realize that she can get through this, and helping her find alternatives to smoking. We went to an ancologist, who gave us all the details and referred us to the best surgeon in town. He also told her to quit smoking right then and there (which she did; now she’s using vaporizers). We had to see a pulmanologist to check on her lung capacity to see how much she would be affected by the surgery. He gave the OK for the surgery. Her surgery was successful and she was out of the hospital in 3 days.

My Uncle came out to visit her at the end of March. But that’s when things started getting crazy. My mother and grandma started getting into fights over petty shit, and soon enough my grandma had enough of it. She demanded that my mother start looking for another place to live because it wasn’t going to work out anymore between the two of them. Queue ensuing yelling matches and little nasty notes. And I was smack in the middle of it, with both of them trying to get me to side with them. It really sucked. I had to side with my grandma though because in the end I just wanted her to be happy, and shes done so much for me in my life that I couldn’t afford to not.

Things were really awkward in the house for awhile because my mother was being a bitch to everyone. But stuff has kind of mellowed since then. My grandma still wants my mom to move out, but they are TRYING to work together in some capacity. Meanwhile all my stuff is sitting in Virginia alone and scared. And I have no job. Thank god my grandma has the money to cover my rent and bills.

I’m kind of getting lazy with the end because it’s all a bunch of dumb petty shit. The point is, this has not been my year. On the plus side, I’ve had basically unlimited time gaming! Except on shitty laptops and not on my beautiful computer…

Oh and I recently had a surgery of my own. I’ll give you a hint.

I’m now jewish.

Kyoto Animation: The Post K-ON! years.

It has become rapidly apparent in recent years that Kyoani no longer wishes to adapt mangas or light novels that aren’t part of their own publishing branch, which for some seems like no biggie. I mean, more profit retention right? As some of you know, I am a very big fan of K-ON!, and Kyoani in general which makes me really confused with this decision. Let’s just quickly analyze some stuff.

Kyoani’s history started when a group of animators at Sunrise decided to form their own company. Their first projects were helping Sunrise with production of InuYasha, and then they went on to do sole animation production of the various InuYasha filler movies. Sunrise would take back responsibility later on when they made Final Act, but Kyoani used InuYasha to prove themselves as a studio. They slowly started to increase their portfolio after that.

And that brings us to the main point. Everything that Kyoani did to prove itself relied heavily on adapting popular manga or light novels/visual novels. InuYasha (albeit making filler), FMP (Fumoffu and TSR), Clannad, Air, Kanon, Lucky Star, Haruhi, and then one of their final poster children, K-ON!. None of these were original projects or adapted from non mainstream authors like they currently do.

Its not that I don’t like Kyoani’s latest works. Hyouka was standout, and as much shit as I give Chu2koi, it was better than a lot of the others lately. Tamako Market was a joke, and while it gave me a few laughs and I went along with the troll that it was AMAZING, the truth is that it was a waste of time. Free was nothing more than a fujyoshi coup from the staff. Kyoukai no Kanata was looking to be good, but pacing issues plagued it in the second half of the season. Also, there is the matter of SPOILERS arbitrarily bringing back the heroine in the last minute just for a shitty “happy” ending instead of using the bittersweet ending as a drive for the MC to try to save her in a potential season 2. And honestly what the ending told me is that Kyoani saw its sales and immediately hit the “OH FUCK ABANDON SHIP” button.

And because I’m a faggot for Key, I’m going to take an entire paragraph to complain about the decision to turn down Little Busters to do Chu2koi. I mean… what? Like, really? Are you stupid? You don’t want FREE MONEY? That decision just fucking blew my mind when I heard it. I want to thank JC Staff for once. They haven’t completely fucked it over, but I can tell they are actually trying for once in their lives.

So what am I getting at? “Oh zaockle, they are trying to give others a chance! Not just the ones that make it to a big magazine/publisher!” Guess what? I don’t care. Stop wasting your potential on utter garbage. There is a reason they are in a B rate magazine and not published in the best of the best. Kyoani please come back to us. We still love you, but you need help. You’re addicted to being pretentious.

2013: A recollection

For me, 2013 has been a lot of firsts. Some of them good, some of them not so good. It’s been a hard year overall though. Between having a shitty roommate, getting scammed out of nearly $1000, and being just depressed in general, I can say without a doubt that I’ve seen better times.

In January I went to Vegas with some people and won some money, so I decided to get a sexy Asian escort. So that was cool, though if anyone remembers one of my old posts, my opinion of sex was less than stellar. But I’d probably do it again if I had the chance.

Nothing happened in February. I got my tax return and pissed it all away on preparing to move cross country. Paid a few debts I owed to friends (mainly to bbobjs), and the rest would eventually go towards gas and stuff during the trip. February was really just me preparing. Packing my stuff, shipping some stuff beforehand, saying goodbyes to some friends.

March was when life really changed. Birthday came and went, and soon after that I was on the road to Virginia to a new life. One that I had hoped would be what I was searching for. And for just a little bit, it was looking like it might. But I would be terribly wrong about that soon enough. Met my roommate face to face for the first time. Somehow, I can say Kristen was everything I expected while being nothing I expected at the same time. High pitched voice and slight stutter while being kind of tall and (at the time) more fit. Obviously when you first meet someone you try to be as nice as possible, so I think we both put on masks for awhile which is where problems would arise later.

For the first 2-3 months nothing really happened in my life. I was stuck working overnight shifts (and weekends as well; double whammy), so I never really had a chance to get out and meet people besides whoever came into my workplace. It really started to hit me after awhile because on top of that it became apparent that my roommate had no interest in being friends. It was strictly business with him. I was really looking for someone I could be friends with as well as roommates. But I guess that’s asking to much of someone like Kristen. So the culmination of all these feelings ended up losing me a couple friends for awhile. I felt estranged from a lot of the friends I left behind who seemed to be going through changes. Some of them I got into arguments with, and some I just stopped talking to. It really sucked, to be frank.

After the first few months, my boss finally put me on a different shift after I begged him to death, but it wasn’t much better. I would be working 4pm to midnight. Plus I was still working weekends, so the combination meant I still didn’t really have a chance to go out and scope out the night scene or meet people. But at least I could play games with friends late at night now! And that’s when issues with Kristen started to arise. He apparently has some kind of magical device in his body that wakes him up as soon as the sun rises, so he always goes to bed between 11pm and midnight. Now you see, for the first 4 months living together, Kristen didn’t have a job and I worked the overnights, so during that time he had more patience for my late night gaming because at worst it would be 2 days out of the week. But the moment he got a job and I moved to second shift, he started making more and more requests for me to be quiet at night. And I tried my absolute best to fulfill them. I tried to keep my voice down, but then he decided he wanted me off Skype by 2am. So I did that, but then he decided “no noise whatsoever past midnight.” That was where I started to draw the line.

Basically what he was asking me to do was forfeit my social life because it was impeding on his sleep just a bit. He claimed that wasn’t what he was trying to do and I could just use the chatbox, but for some people it’s just not the same you know? I left him a note (oh yeah BTW he has a thing for communicating via sticky notes instead of face to face) saying that I would just find my own place and then I hope he enjoys paying double just for silence. This was back in August. So I started searching for places endlessly. Meanwhile he tried to talk me out of that at first, but then just accepted it and told me to let him know in advance when I would be moving.

On top of all this, my boss decided to be a total asshole and put me back on overnight shifts for absolutely no reason other than “fuck it YOLO.” So this made the housing search that much harder. And on top of this I was still having issues with not meeting anyone and dealing with estranged friends and depression. In the end, I apologized to said friends because honestly, a lot of the bad blood was my fault. So I just swallowed my pride and attempted reconciliation. Luckily, most of them were forgiving, though some of them still seem to not really care for me. This really helped with my emotional stability. Around this same time, Kristen lost his job because he called out sick ONCE (seriously, why even work for a company that does that?) that he had managed to get just 3 months earlier, so of course the blame fell on me (even though it likely stemmed from the way he lives: laundry? what’s that?; bedbugs? how did that happen?; raw chicken? better leave the empty package to rot in the trash for a month; soap? eh one bar should be good for a year.) and my “noise.”

Here’s the funny part though. When he lost his job he just went back to his old habits of playing Tera (or whatever terrible MMO it was) ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Oddly enough, this meant that he was using skype, and I’m pretty sure by the time I was moving out he was using Skype more than I was. Talk about irony.

But I finally found a new place in November, and I made tentative plans to move in at the beginning of December. I informed Kristen and we struck a deal regarding payments for final utilities and my deposits. Honestly I think he gypped me, but at that point I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

For Thanksgiving, I went to my uncle’s house in New York. To my surprise, my grandmother and mother were there as well. It was nice to see them after months, which may not seem long, but it was for me because I had lived with them my entire life before now. We all got to catch up and that weekend we visited other family in the area for a dinner party. It was definitely something I needed after months of turmoil in my own life.

And that brings us to December. On the 4th, I finally moved out of that hellhole and to my own place closer to the downtown area. It’s a nice little place, something I can really call home until the next best thing pops up in life. I have all my stuff setup already (except posters; fucking semigloss paint isn’t cooperating with me orz) and now I’m searching for a nice TV and couch to round out the place.

And that brings us to now. In less than 24 hours, I’ll be on my first flight of 3 back home. Staying for a week with my parents for Christmas. I’ll get to see all my friends, and visit all the places I love at home. So what does this all mean to me? Why did I move out here? Initially the answer was to get away from my parents and start my own life, but that isn’t quite right. Honestly, it was catalyst for change. I knew that if I stayed at home I would never change. And it’s true. I now can see a clearer picture of where I should be going. I see my problems and now its about solving them.

I want to take one last moment to apologize to anyone I’ve offended or been a dick to the last few years, especially those in the anime community. I feel like I’ve really lost touch with the reason we all like anime. Sure we may have different taste in anime, but we all share a passion for it. So it doesn’t really matter if you are into moeshit or deepfaggery. As long as you support the industry in some way.

Which is better than those faggot leechers, amirite? w

So as you can tell I don’t really post anymore.

But I’m going to make a conscious effort to change that. Call it New Year’s resolution #10 ( or something I don’t know). That said, not really sure what I will post on exactly. Episodic reviewing is way beyond me, and unless the anime leaves a massive impression, I’m probably not even going to do a season end review. I don’t buy many figures anymore, and even if I did I got scammed out of my DSLR (RIP) so that wouldn’t happen anyway. I don’t even buy much anime anymore. I’m pretty much the worst fan at the moment. The only contribution that I make to the anime industry is my monthly Crunchyroll fee. I would like to go back, but these days I’m trying to focus on going back to school so I should probably save money for that.

I don’t know if anyone even remembers this blog at this point, but if you do, thanks for being a follower for so long despite my apparent lack of interest in it myself. orz

If you suggestions for what I should post about feel free to leave a comment.

Do people actually like anime over here?

Those that follow my twitter know this, but I recently (3.5 months ago) moved to Roanoke VA all the way from Santa Barbara CA. I knew that I’d be leaving friends behind and would have to start from scratch, but I was prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I have still yet to meet anyone. And a friend back home said something pretty awful to me about it.

So I’d like to know. DOES ANYONE IN THIS FUCKING CITY PLAY LEAGUE OR WATCH ANIME OR ANYTHING? I’ve tried looking online for video game clubs or anime clubs and I get nothing. There isn’t even a proper fucking nightclub out here. I mean, seriously… what the fuck? Did I move into a city that never fucking left the god damn 50s-60s?

I know it’s silly, but I even joined some social sites to try and meet people, and still nothing. I might as well just give up at this point. But if I do then I’ll just turn into a lonely fucking sap. So fucking what do.

Some screenshots of that one anime we all love.

taken using mpc-hd with lav video (random dithering yv12 output) thru directvobsub to madvr


Here is a list of shit I don’t want anymore.

Feel free to buy some or don’t. Shipping to US only, or maybe Canada if I know you (aka Canadabros). Shipping (included in prices) would be with those prepriced boxes at USPS, so between 13 and 17 depending on which box it fits in better. I tried to fairly price the item so that you get savings over a new one with current prices while balancing the used price for each on the market. They’ve all been kept in cases all the time I’ve had them, so they are basically mint.

GSC Inori $80
GSC Hitagi $180
GSC BRS Original $115
GSC Kurisu $215
Max Factory Luka TT Ver. $100
Alter Izaya $80
Alter Shizuo $100 SOLD
GSC Madoka $90
GSC Homura $175
GSC Kanade/Tenshi $120
Alter Celty $80 SOLD
GSC Sayaka $80
GSC Yurippe $110 SOLD
GSC BRS Strength OVA Ver. $160
Alter Sora $180
Alter Accelerator $75
Kotobukiya Kuroneko $60
Kotobukiya Sena $70
Alter Ookami-san $80
Kotobukiya Mikoto Maid Ver. $95 SOLD
Max Factory Miku $130
Alter Sasasasasasasasegawa $65
Max Factory Morishima Haruka $95


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