Dear people complaining about memes in fansubs/official subs/games

Get over it. If you want a pure, unedited, untainted experience, go fucking buy the original Japanese version. Can’t speak Japanese? Go learn it. See if your community college teaches it. Hell, Rosetta Stone that shit. There’s pirate versions out there, AND WE ALL KNOW YOU LOVE PIRATING SO MUCH.

Here’s another idea as well. Tired of it in your official english versions? Go get a job with said companies, and do it yourself so no one gets a chance to ruin your perfect video game or anime about little girls being pure and flowers or whatever.

One thing that’s hilarious to me is people complaining about certain fansub groups being cancer just cause they edit with memes. This has been going on for years. Why is it only now being a problem for you people? Also, these people are giving you something illegal for free (mostly) using their own time of their own lives. They are perfectly free to do whatever the fuck they want with the subtitles. Don’t like it? Start your own fansub group. Can’t speak Japanese? See paragraph 1.

The point is, you faggots are in no position to complain. You need to either shut up and live with it, go learn Japanese so you can watch it raw or do it yourself, or just leave the community altogether.

My experience at a certain commissioned sales job.

So I’ve been working at a certain commission based retailer for a few months now, and I’d like to just quickly go over some shit I’ve seen, man.

So I was hired at the beginning of September for a consultative sales position in the electronics department. The pay is $6.00 an hour + commissions. You can already see one problem. The base pay is absolute garbage. And for first month, you don’t earn any commissions because you are technically in a training period. The pay for said training period is $8.00 an hour. The absolute worst part though is the on-floor training is really just the current working associate tells you his associate number, and you ring all of your sales for him. So he can just pass all the crap sales to you while he works on the big sales. Again, you wouldn’t be earning any commissions anyway, so whatever right? Well, I had a few big sales of my own during the training period, and the active associate said he would split the commission with me since I either helped him or rang it on his number. Total lie. He never gave me a fucking cent. So he can go fuck himself.

Once I finally got on commissions myself, I was actually making decent money. About $700-1000 every 2 weeks. Now I will preface the rest here by admitting YES I KNOW THAT SEPTEMBER THROUGH JANUARY IS THE BUSIEST ELECTRONICS SEASON, but just hear me out. The store manager at the time I was hired was a total bro, with the exception of being staunchly republican and a conservative tool. Basically, shit was pretty fucking good at the store I was working at. But then, out of nowhere at the beginning of November, he announces he’s going to another store in another state. So naturally, given the financial state this company is in, rumors started that our store was going to close. That thought alone scared the shit out of me because I had just managed to land the damn job. I didn’t want to be unemployed yet again, albeit I guess this time by no fault of my own.

He cleared up the rumor, assuring us that the store was not closing, and that he did it because the CEO of the company had personally selected him to go to a new type of store they were testing out. So the next question was, who was going to replace him? Was it going to be internally with our current managers, or were they going to bring in someone new. The answer was the latter, and the new manager could not be more opposite of the old if they had literally been black and white. The old manager cared about the workers as much as he cared about the customers. He would be willing to cut customers deals with they did some sort of package deal or something. He was amicable. The new manager is just a straight up bitch. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about the employees, or honestly the customers. She puts on the fakest smile in front of them, and you, but deep down I know all she cares about are her pretty little metric numbers (and the Broncos apparently? get rekt).

Case in point 1: We have these nice tools we call recap emails which allow us as associates to basically send you an e-shopping cart of what you were looking at in store. It allows us, potentially, to make more money on people who are more wishy-washy. They can click on the unique link in the email and then on the server side, it links back to our associate numbers and pays us commission for the sale like standard. So back to the case. I sent a recap to a customer who wanted a big screen Samsung TV, but didn’t commit. It paid 4% and had a $60 selling bonus. So naturally, I wanted to be paid for it. Well, instead of clicking the unique link in the email, he just went to the store website and ordered it there. So it didn’t link back to my number. When I asked the manager to do a commission adjustment, she basically told me “sucks for you, I’m not going to do anything about that. Either get the customer to come in and do a rering, or let it go.” I was literally dumbstruck by this answer.

Case in point 2: We have vending machines at the store for candy, chips, and soda. So on my break, I went and got a Snickers bar. But to my dismay, the one that was vended had a tear in it and part of the bar was exposed. So I didn’t want it, and I asked the secretary if I could have a dollar back to get another one. Well, the new manager happened to be standing there, and she immediately said “sorry no can do. You need to talk to the people who actually own the vending machines. We just let them rent the space.” Both the secretary and I looked at her like REALLY BRAH? The secretary even said “normally we just give them a dollar our of the drawer and ask the vending company to give us a dollar back later.” But she refused to give me my one fucking dollar back. I was furious.

Case in point 3: This literally just happened yesterday afternoon. So I was checking the status off all of my recap emails, seeing if they bought at all that I hadn’t been credited for, and I notice that a customer I worked with bought a TV I had tried to sell them. So I open the salescheck, thinking they had bought online or something. But it was even worse. A fellow coworker in the department had stolen the sale from me. He sold them the exact TV I had tried to sell them. Now this just urks me on so many fucking levels. First off, who the fuck does this piece of shit coworker think he is? He literally only works one day a week because he has a good daytime job and he only does this for fun. And then second off, what the fuck is wrong with this customer? He knew we were all commissioned, because he specifically asked me. Why would you let me work with you for nearly an hour and a half, not commit to the sale even though I’ve given you all these amazing offers, then come back another time, and give the sale to another worker? That’s like literally sticking a middle finger in my face. So anyway, I asked my supervisor to fix the situation because I was clearly in the right and my coworker was in the wrong. So she said she would look into it and get back to me. Well, as I was about to leave for the day, I asked her what the deal was with the situation. She pulled me into her office, closed the door, and basically told me “sorry kid, nothing I can do for you. The policy is X,Y,Z, etc.” That was the last fucking straw. I handed her my digital device that they make us use to sell shit, and stormed out. Let me break down what basically happened. HE STOLE $200 OUT OF MY PAYCHECK AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. How the fuck is that even allowable?

So as we speak right now, I am making literally less than minimum wage, which means the company essentially gives me a loan that I have to pay back just to put me at minimum wage. I am weighing my options on whether I should just YOLO into student loan debt and finally go back to school and get my degree, or look for another job for now and go back next year. I mean, I know what the right choice should be, but the problem is I would have to wait for Summer semester anyway because I’ve already missed Spring. So either way I need some kind of income until that point. To top it off, the online application system at the local community college is down. “Get a higher education!” they say. Oops, sorry. Try again later.

God, why does life suck so fucking much the last two year.

Winter is Here (2015 Edition)

So I’ve finally made up my mind on what I’m going to watch this season. I’ll go over them one by one with my impressions from the descriptions.

  1. Aldnoah Zero 2: I watched the first season and it was pretty good. The ending was definitely pretty insane, so I’m curious to see where they take it this season.
  2. Death Parade: The description sounds like some pretty standard death game shenanigans, but I’m gonna give it a chance since it’s Madhouse. The character designs look similar to Darker than Black (RIP), so that’s nice.
  3. Dog Days”: I loved Dog Days. I hated Dog Days’. I have a feeling this is going to be more of the season 2 bullshit where there is no actual conflict, just a lot of good feelings and BEST SUMMER EVAR. But hey, gotta get my seiyuu fix in.
  4. Durarara!!x2 Shou: Yes. Finally. I have been waiting for this for so long. Durarara is definitely high up on my favorite animes list. I miss the setting and characters, and finally I get another season.
  5. JoJo’s Stardust Crusaders 2: Who isn’t watching this show? I mean, it’s fucking JoJo’s. I will admit, the first season of Stardust Crusaders seemed a little… slow, but from what I hear, this season should really pick up the pace.
  6. Junketsu no Maria: So basically, the premise of the show is going to be how many dicks can she dodge? I guess that should make for some laughs. Overall, I feel like this is going to be the most disappointing show I’m picking up.
  7. KanColle: I have no expectations for this show other than tits and ass.
  8. KuroBasuke 3: Yup. It’s gonna be great.
  9. IM@S Cinderella Girls: I don’t really know why I’m watching this. I mean, I watched the IM@S anime, and have the game, but it’s not like I’m a diehard fan. I’m sure not Exciel, that’s for sure.
  10. Tokyo Ghoul whatevertheinputisforthissignA: The first season of this was decent. It sure isn’t godly like some kids seem to think it is. I’m interested to see MC’s transformation into god mode.

So that’s what I’ll be picking up. My leftovers from last season include Sailor Bad, Cross Ange, Diamond of Ace (I guess this has one more cour left), Garo, Gundam Reconguista, Kiseijuu, KimiUso, and World Trigger.

明けおめ!今年もよろしく (aka happy new year)

I did literally nothing for new years eve. I went to the store because I needed to pick up my perscription of DRUGS and then I got a bottle of champagne as well. I proceeded to drink half the bottle, and then promptly went to bed because I had to get up for work at 8 AM. So yeah, getting older sucks.

So for those that still come here, thanks for sticking around. Like I said previously, one of my new years resolutions is to use this blog more. Still haven’t quite finalized my Winter anime list yet, so stay tuned for that.

Return of the King

Ok, so I’ve made a New Years resolution to myself to post on my blog more. What of? Honestly not 100% sure yet, but probably anime rants. Because let’s be honest, if you read any of my twitter over the last 3 years, you know that I post more about terrible animes than I do good ones. But let’s try and change that as well!

So first off, the season just ended, so let’s make a quick list of shows I watched (that have ended) and my final impressions.

  1. Akame ga Kill: This show was fucking awful. The end.
  2. Innou Battle: The show Chu2Koi should have been.
  3. Shingeki no Bahamut: UNLIMITED BUDGET THE ANIME
  4. Chaika S2: It seems like everyone kind of got what they wanted in the end. And they lived happily ever after?
  5. Psycho-Pass 2: ………….. Yeah it’s pretty good.
  6. Argevollen: So what did that second ending have to do with the anime?
  7. Terraformars: Oh man, I can’t wai—
  8. Amaburi: KANYE WEST
  9. FSN: Excellent, but still PJSalt it wasn’t a Fate adaptation.
  10. Ace of Diamond: This isn’t actually over, but I’m pretty sure it’s about to end. Pretty good shounen.

Now for stuff that’s continuing next season.

  1. Cross Ange: Suck it, Code Geass.
  2. Kiseijuu: Well, Kana is dead, so I could care less anymore.
  3. KimiUso: Genuinely look forward to every week.
  4. Gundam R: What is even going o—TSUKAME PURAIDO, TSUKAME SUCCESS
  5. Garo: So… how does Alfonso suddenly turn into God?
  6. Sailor Moon:
  7. World Trigger: Pretty decent, not much to say.

Alright, now that that’s taken care of, feel free to lob insults at my opinions of your favorite chinese cartoons. Once I finalize my Winter 2015 list, I will do a pre-season impressions post. I’M SURE IT’LL BE A BLAST JUST LIKE THIS ONE.

I disappeared again

Not really. It’s just been a really shitty year so far. Let me tell you all the story of how everythings gone down.

So in January, I was fired from my job because on New Year’s Eve I had to work the overnight shift, so I couldn’t go out to celebrate. So I decided to bring a little champagne to work so my coworker and I could celebrate in our own way. Well, apparently someone ratted us out to management. And even with my good service record, they decided to just fire me. Pretty sure they wanted to fire me anyway, but they didn’t have anything to stick to me until then. So yeah, that sucked.

I attempted to fight for unemployment insurance, and it looked like I would get money at first, but my former employer fought it because I guess in the state of Virginia unemployment comes out of the former employers pocket? Sounds dumb because it is and therefore I didn’t get any money and was running low on reserves.

And then shit got really weird. My mother called me in tears at the end of February and informed me that my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer (she was a smoker). She was telling me how my grandma was depressed, drinking a lot, and basically going off the deep end. So she asked me to talk to my Uncle to see if he would pay for a plane ticket to get me home to help get my grandma back to her normal, calm self. He didn’t hesitate for a second, and on 3/1 I was on a plane back to my home.

At first when I got back, it was just helping my grandma realize that she can get through this, and helping her find alternatives to smoking. We went to an ancologist, who gave us all the details and referred us to the best surgeon in town. He also told her to quit smoking right then and there (which she did; now she’s using vaporizers). We had to see a pulmanologist to check on her lung capacity to see how much she would be affected by the surgery. He gave the OK for the surgery. Her surgery was successful and she was out of the hospital in 3 days.

My Uncle came out to visit her at the end of March. But that’s when things started getting crazy. My mother and grandma started getting into fights over petty shit, and soon enough my grandma had enough of it. She demanded that my mother start looking for another place to live because it wasn’t going to work out anymore between the two of them. Queue ensuing yelling matches and little nasty notes. And I was smack in the middle of it, with both of them trying to get me to side with them. It really sucked. I had to side with my grandma though because in the end I just wanted her to be happy, and shes done so much for me in my life that I couldn’t afford to not.

Things were really awkward in the house for awhile because my mother was being a bitch to everyone. But stuff has kind of mellowed since then. My grandma still wants my mom to move out, but they are TRYING to work together in some capacity. Meanwhile all my stuff is sitting in Virginia alone and scared. And I have no job. Thank god my grandma has the money to cover my rent and bills.

I’m kind of getting lazy with the end because it’s all a bunch of dumb petty shit. The point is, this has not been my year. On the plus side, I’ve had basically unlimited time gaming! Except on shitty laptops and not on my beautiful computer…

Oh and I recently had a surgery of my own. I’ll give you a hint.

I’m now jewish.

Kyoto Animation: The Post K-ON! years.

It has become rapidly apparent in recent years that Kyoani no longer wishes to adapt mangas or light novels that aren’t part of their own publishing branch, which for some seems like no biggie. I mean, more profit retention right? As some of you know, I am a very big fan of K-ON!, and Kyoani in general which makes me really confused with this decision. Let’s just quickly analyze some stuff.

Kyoani’s history started when a group of animators at Sunrise decided to form their own company. Their first projects were helping Sunrise with production of InuYasha, and then they went on to do sole animation production of the various InuYasha filler movies. Sunrise would take back responsibility later on when they made Final Act, but Kyoani used InuYasha to prove themselves as a studio. They slowly started to increase their portfolio after that.

And that brings us to the main point. Everything that Kyoani did to prove itself relied heavily on adapting popular manga or light novels/visual novels. InuYasha (albeit making filler), FMP (Fumoffu and TSR), Clannad, Air, Kanon, Lucky Star, Haruhi, and then one of their final poster children, K-ON!. None of these were original projects or adapted from non mainstream authors like they currently do.

Its not that I don’t like Kyoani’s latest works. Hyouka was standout, and as much shit as I give Chu2koi, it was better than a lot of the others lately. Tamako Market was a joke, and while it gave me a few laughs and I went along with the troll that it was AMAZING, the truth is that it was a waste of time. Free was nothing more than a fujyoshi coup from the staff. Kyoukai no Kanata was looking to be good, but pacing issues plagued it in the second half of the season. Also, there is the matter of SPOILERS arbitrarily bringing back the heroine in the last minute just for a shitty “happy” ending instead of using the bittersweet ending as a drive for the MC to try to save her in a potential season 2. And honestly what the ending told me is that Kyoani saw its sales and immediately hit the “OH FUCK ABANDON SHIP” button.

And because I’m a faggot for Key, I’m going to take an entire paragraph to complain about the decision to turn down Little Busters to do Chu2koi. I mean… what? Like, really? Are you stupid? You don’t want FREE MONEY? That decision just fucking blew my mind when I heard it. I want to thank JC Staff for once. They haven’t completely fucked it over, but I can tell they are actually trying for once in their lives.

So what am I getting at? “Oh zaockle, they are trying to give others a chance! Not just the ones that make it to a big magazine/publisher!” Guess what? I don’t care. Stop wasting your potential on utter garbage. There is a reason they are in a B rate magazine and not published in the best of the best. Kyoani please come back to us. We still love you, but you need help. You’re addicted to being pretentious.


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